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AIAA Committee Looks at UFO Problem

AIAA UFO Subcommittee, Astronautics and Aeronautics, December 1968, p. 12

The Committee has made a careful examination of the present state of the UFO issue and has
concluded that the controversy cannot be resolved without further study in a quantitative
scientific manner and that it deserves the attention of the engineering and scientific community.

UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) Phenomena in this country have generated controversy,
arising from observations which appear to span a wide range of the reliability spectrum. The
scientific and engineering community, which includes, in particular, those who are trained in
applying the scientific method to observational data, has not evidenced an overwhelming
interest in the problem. Neither, however, has the UFO problem died on the vine. Therefore, in
the recent past, more systematic studies have been made by some scientific investigators. So
far as one can tell, such studies have not produced clear-cut conclusions nor erased

Under these circumstances the AIAA, about a year ago, asked two of its Technical Committees
- namely, the Committee on Atmospheric Environment and the Committee on Space and
Atmospheric Physics, to consider the formation of a focal point for this problem area, which, by
its very nature, lies in the sphere of interest of the AIAA community. Accordingly, these two TCs
established a Subcommittee on the UFO Problem with the following membership:

Joachim P. Kuettner (Chairman)
ESSA Research Laboratories
Boulder, Colorado

Jerald M. Bidwell
Martin Marietta
Denver, Colorado

Glenn A. Cato
TRW Systems Group
Redondo Beach, Calif.

Bernard N. Charles
Aerospace Corporation
Los Angeles, Calif.

Murray Dryer
ESSA Research Laboratories
Boulder, Colorado

Howard D. Edwards
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, Georgia

Paul MacCready
Meteorology Research, Inc.
Altadena, California

Andrew J. Masley
Douglas Missile & Space Systems Division
Santa Monica, Calif.

Robert Rados
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, Maryland

Donald M. Swingle
U.S. Army Electronic Command
Fort Monmouth, New Jersey

This group has made its own objective investigation of the subject and has now issued the
statement above, which speaks for itself. The Committee plans to develop certain
recommendations and to give some insight into its reasoning to the AIAA readership in future
issues of A/A.
AIAA Committee Looks at UFO Problem

AIAA UFO Subcommittee, Astronautics and Aeronautics,
December 1968, p. 12