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Thank you for your interest in is now a fully accredited 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation. While this was the general plan since we began our effort 14
years ago it seemed to better serve our interests as an organization to manage our expenses out-of-pocket. From 1999 to
Summer of 2014 we have operated without the support or donations of anyone other than NARCAP staff. As Executive Director I
am proud to say that we have completed a great deal of research, investigations and analysis for our very limited resources.
However, the time has come to accept that our program is growing and we are in need of financial and volunteer support to move
our programs and research forward. We invite you to make a financial contribution to our program and to consider assisting us
with our new volunteer positions, our materials and equipment needs, etc.
As we undertake the second decade of our research arc we have a number of successes to build upon including improved
relationships with the several official international UAP research efforts, numerous research studies and publications, expansion of
our own programs and implementation of new ones. Please join us in this important effort to improve aviation-safety and advance
scientific knowledge..
Thank you,

Ted Roe
Executive Director

is seeking financial support for the following:

Administration - NARCAP is seeking funding to support its website and its non-research programs like
marketing and outreach.

Travel - NARCAP staff need support to attend meetings in the US, South America and Europe.  Donations of
frequent flyer miles, hotel points, airfares, etc., are gratefully accepted.

Research - NARCAP research efforts need continuous financial support.  Contact us to learn how your
donation can assist NARCAP research.

Office Space and Equipment - NARCAP is in need of donated office space and equipment, preferably
somewhere in the Seattle, Wa vicinity.

Computers and Software - Both Administrative and Research branches need computers, laptops and
supporting software. Contact us to donate equipment and software.
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