Frequently Asked Questions
How can I make a gift to NARCAP?
You can contribute cash, marketable securities, or real property. You can also give via
credit card.

Is my gift deductible on my taxes?
Yes. NARCAP is a fully accredited Federal 501c3 Nonprofit, tax-exempt organization, tax ID
number .

Are there naming and commemorative opportunities at
Yes. Gifts of $1,000 or more are listed in our annual report and on appropriate donor
honor lists on our website.

Can I support a particular program or project?
Yes. Donor designated gifts are honored fully.

Is NARCAP eligible for corporate matching gifts?
Yes, in most cases, NARCAP is eligible. Please check with your employer.

Can I give to NARCAP through my company’s United Way drive?
Yes. You must write in NARCAP on your gift designation form. United Way forwards your
gift minus an administrative fee to NARCAP..

Does NARCAP accept equipment and other kinds of donations?
Yes. Please see our "other kinds of donations" page for more information

Whom should I contact with questions on making a gift to NARCAP?
Ted Roe at
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