qualified attention to aviation incidents involving unidentified aerial phenomena and
safety factors.

From 2000 to 2014 NARCAP has functioned as a private research organization. Now,
NARCAP is a fully accredited 501c3 Charitable Nonprofit organization. has grown from an idea to a global, internet-based organization with
over fifty members, several international branches with their own staff, and many
more experts available upon request to support investigations and research. staff and supporting members include some of the best minds in the
field, some of the most respected researchers as well as aviation professionals, pilots,
assorted experts in aviation sciences, scientists and more. has participated in several initiatives including supporting the US General
Accounting Office in examining uncorrelated penetrations into US air defense zones,
signing an official agreement of collaboration with the official Chilean government
research team, CEFAA, participating in presentations and workshops with the official
French gov research team CNES-GEIPAN, the French Air and Space Academy, and

Investigations, documentation and analysis have always been's primary
focus and the result of that has been many publications by like Project Sphere. These
studies are major undertakings and have a large logistical component along with the
actual work and writing itself. They are published openly and transparently on the website when they are completed, at no charge.

Of course, the main purpose of this work is to promote the issue of aviation safety and
encounters with unidentified aerial phenomena on the national and international stage.
In this way has found alliances with several of the official UAP research
efforts in the world and more efforts of merit. is seeking funding so that NARCAP can meet administrative, travel,
research, publication and other expenses.

When reviewing the various activities of other UAP research teams and groups and
individuals very, very few have seen the kind of success and growth that
has. Finacial empowerment will make even stronger on all levels and the
subject of UAP, what they are and their effects on aviation safety will continue to gain
credibility through qualified research and publication like that at

Please make a contribution to NARCAP. Any size gift is acceptable and will help us
continue to do this important work.

Thank you,

Ted Roe
Executive Director
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