Updated :  31Dec2012
Winter 2012

airbase near Santiago that several videographers recorded the passage of ten separate
formations of military airplanes.  Later frame-by-frame analyses of these video images
showed one (sometimes two) small round or oval objects on a number of consecutive
frames.  Details of how these unidentified objects (or at least optical phenomena) were
discovered were made public on March 13, 2012 by Air Force General (retired) Ricardo
Bermudez, Director of the official Chilean UAP study Comite de Estudios de Fenomenos
Aereos Anomalos (CEFAA).  

Under terms of NARCAP’s collaborative agreement with CEFAA
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info) we received all of the available video tapes with a request to examine them to see
what we could discover.  The possibility existed that these UAP might have posed a threat
to flight safety with so many high performance airplanes flying in the same vicinity.

Chief Scientist, Richard Haines has prepared a summary report of his findings entitled
“The El Bosque Video Case: A Preliminary Study of Anomalous Objects in Active
Airspace.”  His report consists of more than sixty pages of detailed text and over eighty
(NARCAP TR-5 IASR).  Now that his report has been sent to CEFAA for
translation into Spanish and distribution to their staff and has also been approved as to
completeness and technical accuracy it is available for U. S. release.  Haines is quick to
note that his report is preliminary and subject to correction as further data is received
concerning this controversial case.