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NARCAP is aware of an intense debate regarding the existence, nature and source of so-called "UFOs". NARCAP Technical Reports and documentation have been used by various "UFO" groups to promote their theories and opinions regarding the existence of "alien spacecraft" and "extraterrestrials". NARCAP does not endorse any of these claims nor does it encourage this use of its material.


Technical Report One

Aviation Safety in America – A Previously Neglected Factor
Haines, Richard F., 2000


Technical Report Two

Results of an Informal NARCAP Advisor Survey

Haines, Richard F., 2001


Technical Report Three

A Preliminary Study of Sixty-four Pilot Sighting Reports Involving Alleged ElectroMagnetic Effects on Aircraft Systems

Haines, Richard F. and Weinstein, Dominique 2001


Technical Report Four

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena - Eighty Years of Pilot Sightings

Weinstein, Dominique 2001
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Technical Report Five

Aircrew Survey Project

Haines, Richard F. and Roe, Ted 2001


Technical Report Six

Radar Catalog (PART 1): A Review of Twenty One Ground and Airborne Radar UAP Contact reports Generally Related to Aviation Safety for the Period October 15, 1948 to September 19, 1976


Radar Catalog (PART 2)
Shough, Martin 2002


Technical Report Seven

Analysis of a Photograph of a High Speed Ball of Light

Haines, Richard F. 2002


Technical Report Eight

Aviation Safety in America - Under-Reporting Bias of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena and Recommended Solutions

Roe, Ted  2004


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