The CAIPAN Workshop 2014

Posted February 28, 2015

by Ted Roe
Executive DIrector

In July of 2014, NARCAP Chief Scientist Dr. Richard F. Haines presented at the CAIPAN
workshop in Paris, France, hosted by the official French Government UAP research team
CNES-GEIPAN – Groupe d’Études et d’Informations sur les Phénomènes Aérospatiaux Non-
(Unidentified Aerospace Phenomenon Research and Information Group). The
purpose of this workshop was to share and develop unidentified aerial phenomena, UAP,
research methodology.

This was a historic gathering and featured presentations by many European experts in
various aspects of UAP research (a list of speakers and topics can be viewed here).
NARCAP members and published associates among the presenters also included Dr.
Jacques Vallee (NARCAP Executive Advisory Committee) “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena:
A Strategy for Research”, and Dr. Massimo Teodorani “Instrumented Monitoring of Aerial

NARCAP Science Chief Dr. Richard F. Haines presentation is titled, “Useful Research
Methods for Aircrew and Air traffic Controller UAP Sightings“, and may be viewed here.

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Peripheral to the meeting were opportunities for attendees to communicate on a more
informal level. Dr. Vallee hosted a NARCAP-Europe meeting in his Paris apartment in
support of NARCAP international members and the development of a NARCAP branch in
Europe, ~ NARCAP-Germany .

The development of international cooperation including attending and participating in
focused symposia and workshops, official research agreements between official teams and
private efforts of merit, and the establishment of common standards of data collection and
analysis is an interesting and positive trend in UAP research. NARCAP encourages and
welcomes opportunities for international engagement.