Identification and Confidentiality

NARCAP operates a confidential reporting center. However, we ask that our reporters provide enough identification to allow us to verify that they are pilots or aviation professionals. Once we are able to validate the identity of the reporter as a pilot or aviation professional we de-identify the report forms and remove all reference to the reporter. It is assumed that no reporter wants to have their name associated with their report unless they specifically authorize it. 

Military Cases

NARCAP accepts and investigates confidential reports involving military pilots and aircraft however NARCAP will not publish case studies of these incidents and observations nor will NARCAP comment on them publicly.

Current cases and Historical cases

If the incident or observation occurred within the last 10 days please call us immediately so that we can file a Freedom of Information Act request with the FAA. Please include information including exact location, nearest aviation facility, time of incident, and whether or not you are aware of any audio that may document the incident.

If the incident or observation is not recent please contact us and we will forward reporting forms and arrange an interview.

Contact Us via Phone or Email

To make a confidential report regarding an aviation related incident or observation involving what you suspect is an Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, UAP \Light or UAP\Object, please contact us via email:

or call at 360-603-2589