Project Sphere

Dr. Richard F. Haines, Editor-in-Chief

with contributions from;
Kiyoshi Amamiya, Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos, Rogerio Chola,
Kim Efishoff, John English, Carlos Guzman, Dan Lee, Larry Lemke,
Terry Osborn, Ted Roe, Alfonso Salazar, Martin Shough,
Richard Spalding, Massimo Teodorani, Dominique Weinstein

National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena

April 2010
Copyright All Rights Reserved

Table of Contents


1. Introduction  Are Spherical UAP a Threat to Aviation Safety? (R. Haines)        

2.  Physical Characteristics and Hypotheses

2.1 Aerodynamics of Spheres  (Larry Lemke)

2.2 An Electrical Hypothesis Regarding Spherical Luminosities at Aircraft Altitudes (Richard

2.3 Radar Detection of Spherical Targets  (Martin Shough)

2.4 Spherical UAP: Scientific Observations and Physical
Hypotheses, Danger Evaluation for Aviation and Future
Observational Plans (Massimo Teodorani)

2.5 Geometric Relations of a Sphere (Richard Haines)

3. The Evidence
3.1 Pilot Sighting Reports

3.1.1 Brazil - Rogerio Chola NARCAP Research Associate

3.1.2 Canada-Donald Ledger, NARCAP Research Associate

3.1.3 France - Dominique F. Weinstein, NARCAP Int. Technical Specialist - France

3.1.4 Japan- Kiyoshi Amamiya, NARCAP Research Associate

3.1.5 Mexico - Carlos Guzman and Alphonse Salazar

3.1.6 USA - Ted Roe, NARCAP Executive Director

3.2 Aerial Photos  

3.2.1 Spheres in Airborne UAP Imagery ~ Revised Oct. 2011
Vincent Juan Ballester  Olmos & Martin. Shough

3.2.2 Additional In-Flight Photographs and Reports (R. Haines)  

3.3 Ground Witness Reports

3.3.1 Analysis of Ground Witness Sightings: Spherical UAP Approaching
Airplanes and Airplanes Approaching Spherical UAP - Dan Lee, NARCAP Research Associate

3.3.2   Additional Ground Witness Photographs and Reports (R. Haines)

4. Possible Explanations for Sighting Reports

4.1 Weather and Other Types of Balloons (Kim Efishoff)

4.2 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and Other Airborne Objects  
(Terry Osborn and R. Haines)

4.3 Ball Lightning and Earthlights  (R. Haines)

5.  Miscellaneous Subjects

5.1 Spheres: A View from Above? (John English)

5.2 Foundations for a Taxonomy of UAP Shapes (R. Haines)

6.  Some Challenging Questions, Conclusions, and Recommendations